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What are iTunes?

iTunes are a music library and media player developed by Apple. Through the iTunes store, you can purchase songs, videos and applications for your Apple product and arrange, store, and transfer the media accordingly. This library is incredibly convenient since it can be accessed from just about anywhere with the simple input of your username and pass, meaning you can take your music on the go. You can also download videos to your iTunes library, so if you want to take your favorite movie to a friend’s house, all you need is your Apple information.

iTunes also allow you to create playlists so you can conveniently categorize your music or videos. You can also share your media with your friends who use Apple products and they can share their playlists with you. This is all done by syncing the device and accessing the iTunes library of your choice.

You can also edit the media on your library. You can crop songs, erase old ones, download new ones, and even convert your favorite song into a ringtone. You can also transfer songs from your favorite CD to your library and even borrow from your friend’s media players.

How does iTunes Work?

By downloading media through the Apple store, it gets transferred to your library. From here, you can access the media and enjoy it on a wide variety of devices. The library stores your information so even if you need to replace your phone, plugging it into the computer and syncing it with the library will put all of your media back in its rightful place.

Syncing your media causes iTunes and your device to exchange information. The first time you sync your device, iTunes will memorize it and remember it so the next time you plug it in, the software will read your device and allow you to edit the material through your library. This means you can edit the media on your phone, tablet, or touch via your computer. You can transfer, edit, delete, and copy media all from your library. You also have access to tons of new media available for download, and iTunes is also available on your phone, tablet, and touch and can be accessed directly through the device.

What Devices are Compatible with iTunes?

The IPhone, IPod, IPad, and the ITouch are all compatible with iTunes. By hooking the device up to your computer or laptop and logging into your iTunes library, you can transfer all of your media to the device. If the device is stolen, damaged, or needs to be replaced, there is no need to worry since you put all of the media saved on your library back onto the new device or access your media online.

Although other devices are not compatible with iTunes, you can still download it to your desktop or laptop and enjoy the library and features without having to purchase an Apple product. However, you will not be able to transfer music from your iTunes library to your phone or media device unless it is an Apple.

How Much Does it Cost?

The library itself is free. However, you will have to pay for the media you download. Songs can range from .99 cents all the way to $1.29, and media/videos can range from .99 to $3.99 and up. Gift cards are available at most stores and range in amounts from $10 and up. iTunes can get rather expensive; especially when you start adding videos to your device. Having a small library of just 20 songs can run you a little over $20. But not to worry, because you can easily score a free gift code that will allow you to download music with absolutely no cost to you by completing a short, free survey!

How do I Get a Free Gift Code for iTunes?

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